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08:10pm 18/03/2009

today i checked the nicest old man in to the hotel.
when i asked him how we was today he said AND I QUOTE
"as my mail man said yesterday, this is the best day of my life!"
he had the biggest and cutest smile on his face.
he made my day.
lovely people make life so much better.

tonight i got to throw some disc with my dad.
then we ate pizza!!! while we watched america's funniest home videos.
then we walked it off.
i need to practice walking up hill because i get real winded real fast.

next week i am getting hip hop abs
i'm excited about that because i'd like to exercise more but i need direction.

bla bla

i added more to my tattoo last month.
did you know that? and yesterday i took this picture.
was it yesterday? i think it was yesterday..

cuckoo clock!

i just heard my dad talking to my mom in the living room.
"today these little amish girls on my route told me i look like jeff foxworthy", he told her.
i think anyone who knows my dad will think that's at least a little bit funny.

my dad is funny. my parents are funny.

enjoy school
enjoy work
enjoy learning about language and about myself
and enjoy when it all makes sense

bla bla
i miss you i love u

location: the couch ok
mood: bouncybouncy
music: new soul by yael naim
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(no subject)  
10:47pm 22/01/2009

{who stole it from </a></b></a>vidaliasparkle}

lusting after: idk
snacking on: v8 juice pomegranate and blueberry
hanging out in: eeyore pajamas mom got me for christmas ha
hiding from: kf
looking forward to: school
annoyed by: growing up
wishing I had: a place of my own
worrying about: whether or not i'll be accepted to school of my choice
proud of: ashten
fantasizing about: sleep
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big sisters little brothers  
04:35pm 10/10/2008

little boys are funny
they are very different from little girls
my favorite thing ysrael does is pick up sticks and whack things
every time we are outside!

we both agreed. vandalizing playground equipment isn't cool
ysreal wondered out loud "why would anyone ever do this?"
"jay's gay. dinosaurs are cool! and i love mike? that's stupid" - ysrael


i am
doing well
learning american sign language
(and loving it)
trying to not be anxious
excited to spend halloween in the burg
making thingz. yarn!
eating lots of pizza
ok bye!
mood: tiredtired
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(no subject)  
10:43pm 02/09/2008

Tonight, I am really sad. I have, in part, chosen to sit in front of the box watching reality television while eating an entire pizza all by myself. Some days [today] I feel unstable. I wonder if I have emotional problems when I only made it three days without crying again. Betsy tells me I’m normal and crying is good. I feel like crying is weak and I must be someone who can‘t handle life.

I woke up overwhelmed. There is money and there is school and there are relationships and more money. While I worry about these things, there are bigger things happening around me. I am reminded of a line from a movie I once watched on a whim. A character [I have no idea who] said this:

“Life is really very simple. It just seems overwhelming when you think only of yourself. If you forget yourself and ask how to help others, life becomes perfectly simple”

- Jesus of Montreal

That makes so much sense to me and I believe in it so much but I forget it every day. I try so hard to focus all of my thoughts and prayers on the people around me and I still end up feeling boo bla. I am starting to wonder if I might benefit from focusing more on me and what I need. What I mean is, maybe I should practice encouraging, believing in and lifting up myself.

But who knows. I do know that there are so many more important things going on in this world right now. LIKE, Keith was just kicked off Project Runway and how on earth will Duff deliver his cakes on time? The Stanley Cup [cake] is so heavy!!!1...

Sorry for rambling. Goodnight.

mood: crazycrazy
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chin up  
08:27pm 22/07/2008

mom picked me these wildflowers.
she wanted to cheer me up.

mood: sicksick
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july 4  
11:58pm 03/07/2008

My cuckoo clock just played the song it always plays at midnight and chimed twelve times!
That means it is officially (drum rollz)
Happy Seven Years Marcie Could Have Been Dead But She's NOT Because She Is ALIVE DayYYYy!!11

Seven years ago I was in a terrible car accident by myself(my fault)
I hit my head very, very hard(traumatic brain injury)
They gave me a ten percent chance of living
I was asleep for a long time
I spent 28 days in the hospital
I didn't eat solid food(feeding tube + catheter = ew)
I had to learn to walk
I don't remember very much

First Mem-
I am naked in the shower sitting with very poor posture on a hard rubbermaid bench
People are washing me. My Mom is there

Tiny, Blurry Memories-
Remembering how to read and write again(adding and subtracting)
Learning when it's safe to cross the road
Learning how to shop at the mall
Matching colors and shapes
Finding things in the phone book
Playing checkers
Eating sherbet ice cream
Blood being drawn from my arm routinely
Falling off of the toilet(bad balance)
The treadmill
My brain doctor asking me who the president was and me having no idea
-The End -

I am so thankful to be alive
I am thankful because(thanksgiving)
I have the best friends, great family, I am mostly joyful
And lots of other things
+ right now! a perfect view of someones fireworks from my balcony while i lay in my hammock

HAVE A GOOD DAY. i mean it. count ur blessings.
 <--- the same picture i post every year because it's awesome

mood: thankfulthankful
music: girltalk
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da lake  
09:00pm 08/06/2008

today i got to go to the lake with my mom
it felt so nice to be in the sun and in the water
it's awkward seeing everyone in their swimming costumes

[ i wanted it to look like they were the ice cream on my cone.. ]


we've been telling jokes back and forth so after he signs off love, gabriel his ps is this -

I have a joke!
Q   Why did the toys cross the road?

A   to get to the toy store on the other side!

I made that one up! Adios!

[ i love having a seven year old pen pal ]

mood: draineddrained
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(no subject)  
11:35am 08/06/2008
good day!
i didn't go to church
no reason
just didn't go
instead i've been on the couch
watching interviews with m.i.a. on youtube
i think i'm kind of obsessed with her
i wish i wasn't

m.i.a. watches twin peaks



"everybody out ther get random"
oh brother
i want to go swimming at the lake
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03:28pm 06/06/2008



mood: thirstythirsty
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vamos a el parque  
11:24pm 02/06/2008

what a day
i woke up at 4am in cramp city
i made a few cardz
but mostly sat on my butt
listened to pandora
and took a nap
the best idea i had all day was leaving the apartment
without showering or brushing my teeth or my hair
jared and i ordered pizza
ate it on the porch
took a walk
and played for a long time at a park
we joked about the park only existing in our minds


mood: awake
music: metal
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